0.8.5 patch released!

- UI restyling by Udi. In case you have not noticed, OA is now blue!
- New effects: rocket smoke, shotgun sparks, flares.
- New maps include:
 * am_underworks, am_underworks2, hydronex2 from ArmageddonMan
 * blitzkrieg3 from ArmageddonMan and Boczeq
 * oa_koth2 from cosmo
 * ps9ctf, ps37ctf from PsYthe
- Map improvments include ctf_compromise, ctf_gate1, ctf_inyard and oa_minia
- Angelyss team skins are more colorful
- 3 new player skins, one for Beret, one for Assassin and one for Angelyss
- New inclusion of the 'Challenge' system. Read here for details about it.
- Empty servers without humans with 'only humans' set is now really really empty
- Voting menu
- Different styles of weapon bars
- Various gameplay bugs fixed, like LMS survivor bug,
- New server admin system as explained here.
- Bots are much improved and understand the gameplay objectives better of the latter gametypes (Harvester, Overload, etc)

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