Announcing Dread Moon Linux / Andromeda

Team Allita, Inc. is today announcing the Andromeda release of Dread Moon Linux along with a support site at  Dread Moon is a remix of Ubuntu 9.04 that provides a complete Linux development environment for game and multi-media developers.  This release is primarily intended to eliminate a major roadblock to the development of games and multimedia applications under Linux that is a consequence of the fact that many of the related software libraries are not available as installable packages.

As a result it can sometimes be almost impossible for a prospective developer to obtain versions of the various libraries that are not only mutually-compatible, but compatible with the installed standard libraries as well.

Dread Moon addresses this issue by providing a full set of compatible game and multi-media libraries pre-installed. Beyond that, Dread Moon also provides installed applications that all game and multimedia developers will find indispensable for their work, including audio editors, graphics applications, 3D modeling applications and a sprite editor.

One interesting centerpiece of the Dread Moon release is that it includes the pre-installed D language, multi-platform ArcLib game development library authored by Clay Smith.  The D language is an emerging low-level systems programming language that incorporates many of the advanced features inspired by Java and other modern programming languages, while still being compiled down to native executable code.  This is a very promising combination of technologies that may someday have a big impact on game and multimedia developers everywhere.

Team Allita is also providing the portal in support of the Dread Moon release.  This portal is intended to build a strong sense of community among Dread Moon users, allowing them to freely exchange ideas and information.

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