Unknown Horizons Release 2009.1

The Unknown Horizons development team is proud to present our new release 2009.1.
This is a testing version. Its purpose is to give interested players and developers a chance to test our current state of development. Bugs are to be expected at any time.

What is new?

We have made many improvements to our previous release, 2009.0. Here is a list of the most important changes:

  • All new user interface.
  • Gettext supported muiltlanguage support. This release comes with complete English, French and German translations and mostly complete Norwegian and Portuguese translations.
  • New main music theme.
  • A boatbuilder to build new ships for your fleet.
  • Hunter graphics added. No functionality yet.
  • Some revamped ingame graphics, like new inhabitants.
  • Some performance improvements for the build process. Previews are now shown much faster.
  • Lots of bugfixes.
  • Removed all drop down widgets to ensure crashfree setting changing.
  • Lots of code refactoring. More to come.
  • Saving and loading of games.

For the full list of changes see the changelog or for even more detail the overview of svn commits in the Trac Timeline.

Known Issues

  • Changing the color depth to 32 crashes the game. (This has just been reported. If this happened to you, delete the .unknown-horizons folder in your userdir to reset all settings.)
  • Boatbuilder toggle inactive/active still buggy.
  • Some minor texts will change distance between each other incorrectly in the GUI.
  • When loading a game, trees will remain in their growing animation loop for ever. (They still work as usual though).

We are working on resolving these issues in a future release. For a full list of all known problems visit the Trac Milestone 2009.1.
If you happen to find a new bug (which is quite possible in this development release) please create a ticket at Trac or send us an email. Both including:

  • The full error message.
  • A detailed description of what you were doing when the bug occured to give us a chance to reproduce the problem.

The more detailed your ticket is, the easier we will find and fix the bug. Thanks in advance.

The Future

Plans for the next release:

  • We will be makeing some detail changes to the gui to polish the look.
  • Implement the hunter, thus finishing the first settler stage.
  • Code refactoring.

Download Links

Visit our downloads page for the newest downlads.

Hopefully you enjoy this release. We would appreciate if you share any feedback or criticism you have by joining our IRC channel or by contributing to a discussion in our forums.

Have fun,
Team Unknown Horizons

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