Cuba Letra 1.0 for Linux

Cuba Letra is a new type of word game with a fun and funky Latin American theme!
It combines mental and physical dexterity to challenge players ability to make words against the clock.
It’s great fun for all ages with an easy mode that children can play or a harder mode that will challenge even the most literate adults

Cuba Letra is free software

Download Instructions

  1. Right click on the download link below and use ‘Save Link as’ to download the game.
  2. After download is completed, you may need to update the file permissions to run the installer. Cuba Letra uses a graphical installer to install the game.
  3. From the command line:
    chmod a+x
    From the file explorer window (e.g. Nautilus):
    Right-click the file, select properties, and set the execute privilege.
  4. Run the installer to install the game.
  5. After install is completed, you can access the game from the System/Games menu, or by typing (insert the path to your Cuba Letra install directory)/bin/CubaLetra from the command line.

System requirements

Cuba Letra! needs version 2.3.2 of glibc or later and 3D acceleration.

Tested on the following distributions:

  • Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope – 32 bit
  • Ubuntu Hardy Heron – 32 bit
  • Ubuntu Hardy Heron – 64 bit
  • Open Suse 11 – 32 bit
  • Fedora 9 – 32 bit
  • Mandriva 2008 – 32 bit
  • Debian Etch – 32 bit
  • Debian Lenny – 32 bit


File size: 12 MB (12.304.658 bytes)

The md5 sum is 568665672ce9a9bef2bc6994dbdac760

Click here to start your download

64-bit Linux users

Cuba Letra is a 32-bit program, the 64-bit versions of some distributions, like for instance Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope, do not come with the 32-bit libraries installed by default.

If the game will not start for you, then you should make sure these 32-bit libraries are installed.

In the case of Ubuntu, this means installing the ia32-libs package that you can find in the universe repository.

Source code

Click here to download all bundled source code and data.

The file size is 8.1 MB (8.501.049 bytes) and the md5sum is fde164c65fa08b0ca0addec0296f6f51

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