WoP 1.2 available via CrosuS

Croesus was the last king of ancient Lydia and was well known for his wealth and richness. Maybe this was the reason for Isotx to call their game content manager CrosuS. It offers a big library of indie games, mods and maps free for download and an easy way to keep the content up to date. So what would it be without the current version of World of Padman standalone game in the library? Something would be missing definitely.

As we realized that an outdated version of World of Padman was available via CrosuS we decided to update the content immediate to version 1.2 and to include ENTE’s PadPack. So if you are hungry for a clean and perfect installment of WoP ready for playing online, check out CrosuS. All the WoP modders and mapmakers out there should note that CrosuS offers an easy way to distribute your stuff to the community.

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