linuX-gamers live 0.95 released

We are proud to announce a new version – 0.95 – of our live DVD at Linuxtag 2009 in Berlin.

We now have different versions of our distribution:

  • Lite ISO: Small CD image (700MB) containing a limited games selection suitable for children and older computers. Burn it to a blank CD-R/CD-RW using regular Linux or Linux tools like Nero, K3B, Infrarecorder, etc.
  • Lite USB: Same games selection as the Lite ISO version but for USB keys and USB sticks (requires minimum of 1GB USB device). Write it to your USB device using this command in Linux: sudo dd bs=8M if=/path/to/lg-live-0.9.5-i686-lite.usb of=/dev/your_usb_device or use the Flashnul utility if you are on Windows. Once you have downloaded said utility, please follow the paragraph in this guide.
  • Big ISO: Big DVD image (4.7GB) containing the full games selection for adults and more recent computers. Burn it to a blank DVD-R/DVD-RW using any burning tool of your choosing.
  • Big USB: Contains full games selection as per Big ISO. Meant for USB sticks of at least 5GB capacity. You can use the same tools mentioned for writing Lite USB to write this image.

Gamecontent differs between these two versions. Please look at our game list.

We kindly ask you to use our Bittorrent tracker to load the files and share them since the http mirrors might be switched off due to traffic limits.

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