NP Tournaments Site

Quote from wile64:
“Hi all,

I decide to open a site for tournaments and friendly Fights. here
There will have results of tournaments, classes, chalenges country and many other things…
(if the community participates Netpanzer course) 😉
We can create and manage clans!
We can make challenges or any other new type of games… (I have some idea why) 😀
There is no need to register on the site to participate in tournaments or other, just enter your nickname to register for the match.

There have some chief clan or server registered to arrange meetings.

I run a first tournament 03 July 2009 at 20:00 GMT.
16 players for 1 win, 1 against 1 with 40 units on “NP Tournaments” server (I dont play, I think)
You can register here.

Thank you all, I hope to see many of you”

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