VDrift 2009-06-15 Release, Linux source, Windows, OSX

VDrift 2009-06-15 has been released for Windows and Linux (source) UPDATE: and OSX. Download links are available on the main http://vdrift.net website. There’s a full list of changes below the cut, but to summarize the most noticeable ones:

* cars collide with each other in Single Race mode now
* AI is capable of much faster driving now, so added a difficulty slider
* off-road tire spin sound support (thanks to slowdan!)
* support for H-gate shifters
* improved performance
* lots of huge bugs fixed, especially car physics bugs

Full change log below:

car physics
fixed a bug in brake bias calculation
autoclutch does a slightly better job at preventing engine stalling during hard braking
suspension force application point corrected
added rotational aerodynamic drag to prevent spinning out of control
support for torque-sensitive differentials
fixed a sign error in the car physics rigid body code
engine idle throttle is set automatically
auto-engine-restart when auto-clutch is on
several clutch-related car physics bugs fixed
car to car collision

game engine
off-road tire spin sound support (thanks slowdan!)
AI now takes a racing line
AI difficulty setting
command-line support for user profiles so different settings and control layouts can be used
removed SDL_net dependency, added boost and ASIO dependencies (getting ready for multiplayer features)
reverse camera toggle
camera view remembered from last time
added display contrast adjustment
added crash and bump sounds
fixed sound bug causing stereo samples to be truncated
several performance optimizations
removed bogus error messages
crash recovery (if the game crashes, run it again and it will default to fail-safe settings)
scons install works again (linux only)
vdrift binary installed to /usr/local/bin by default (linux only)
support for H-gate shifters
drift scoring has been re-implemented
display height and width can be selected from the command line
spinning car rotation is about the center of the car
glass is see-through for hood and in-car views
car collision shape is automatically generated
fixes for cars falling through the ground or going through obstacles
fixes for several minor graphical artifacts
force feedback improvements (linux only)
“camera bounce” defaults to on

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