TA3D 0.5.2

A new bug fix release is out !

TA3D 0.5.2 mainly fix 24/32bits GAF bugs, and radar/sight/sonar/*distance bugs. Also it includes several fixes for the resource installer which should not freeze any more and should be able to detect CDs on any Linux system (unless you changed your CD mount point to something non standard).

So nothing new, it’s still the 0.5 branch.

As usual, Linux packages can be found in our repositories, and win32 installer in the download page. But since the source code is available from SVN (and it takes time to build and upload a source package), I won’t upload any source package for 0.5.2, if you want the source: svn co http://ta3d.darkstars.co.uk/TA3D/tags/ta3d_0_5_2 😛

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