WarZone version 2.1 Release Candidate 2

Hi there,
we made another small step torward the next stable release: The second release candidate of the 2.1 series.

The release candidate 2 recieved the following changes:

  • Updated Italian (100%), Portugues (99.96%) and Russian (46%) translations
  • Crash when translations for player colour names where larger than the string buffer allocated for them (12 bytes) (r6283)
  • Allow a droid to pick a new target while auto-repairing. (ticket:35, bug #12217)
  • More out-of-sync issues fixed (r6230)

Known Issues

The known issues from RC1 remain.

The full list of known issues:

  • Save games from the 2.0 series can not be loaded with this version. (NOTE: We do not intend to “fix” this, as we are breaking compatibility with the previous save game format.)
  • The multi player code has been improved since beta 2, but running out of sync is still possible.
  • The game in general still aborts a lot in debug builds due to failed assertions.
  • Save games from 2.1 beta 4 (that, and only that version), can not be loaded with this version. (NOTE: We cannot fix this because the beta 4 save games miss information we need.)


The source code and all available binaries can be found, as usual, at the download page.

Best regards,
The Warzone 2100 Resurrection Project

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