OpenAnno 2008.1 is here!

Hello everyone,

We finally made it and the first release is here! Alot of hard work has gone into the game so far, and we hope to get a lot of feedback on what has to be improved.

Do however note that this is a development release solely to show off what we have done so far. It is intended to be viewed as a technical demo and to get people interested in the project. You can do some basic playing, but nothing great yet.

Read how to get the demo and instructions here.

We hope you don’t experience any problems with the demo, if you do, make sure to contact us on irc: #openanno @ or on our forums. If you are interested in working on OpenAnno make sure to contact us, we always have jobs open for everyone.

Download OpenAnno or watch our demo video at YouTube or in high quality (MKV/H.264 720×576/Vorbis):

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