Linux Game Publishing looking developers

Description: We are looking for experienced software developers.
The following skills are essential:

  • Strong C/C++

Also, one or more of the following skills are essential:

  • OpenGL, with some knowledge of DirectX
  • OpenAL, with some knowledge of Windows sound systems
  • SDL, with some knowledge of Windows programming

Any applicant must be able to supply references, either commercial experience developing on Linux, or significant involvement in a well known open source project. References for character and reliability are required.Hours: This is a part time position, with applicants expected to work for a minimum of 10 hours per week.
Location: This is a work-from-home position
Salary: This is a commission based position. Developers will receive a generous percentage of the sales revenue based on performance and share of the work done on a project once the game is released, for the lifetime of the sales of the game.

To apply please email

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