Fragging Free is a Doom3:ROE single-player modification

FF has a precise objective: to bring the classic gameplay to the maximum.
We’ve found D3 gameplay good, but it was too slow and static if compared to older id games.
We worked hard to create something better and now we have a really fast and fun gameplay with crazy fights and much more challenging enemies.

In Fragging Free you’ll find lots of action, lots of monsters, lots of power-ups and a well-balanced gameplay that will push your skills to their limit.
“Free” is the word that summarise the essence of this mod: no more limitations (instant weapon change, high walk speed and ut-style dodge abilities, no falling damage, no need to hold a key to run, …), no objectives to follow, no stupid puzzles to do… just focus on fighting and have fun.
If you love Doom, Quake, Unreal, Serious Sam, Painkiller you know what we are talking about.

– Fast gameplay: instant weapon change, high walk speed and ut-style dodge abilities.
– 10+ big maps filled with adrenalinic fights, lots of secrets and many outdoor sections.
– 18 weapons: we added what was missing do D3 and adapted the old ones to fit the new gameplay.
– 15 weapon powerups.
– Possess demons: fight as a demon in 3rd-Person Perspective…every monster has his own abilities and unique gameplay!
– Bullet time mode allows to gain health and move 2x faster. It can be recharged by collecting demons’ souls or obtaining new medals.
– New/reworked enemies with new AI and attacks.
– Friend marines with advanced AI: they can choose different weapons according to the situation, they can talk and cooperate.
– Custom Sound Track.
– Drive a vehicle.
– Medals for special kills and map statistics.

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