OpenFracas 0.5 Released

We are proud to announce the release of OpenFracas 0.5. The most notable changes in the 0.5 release are:

* Sounds and Music
* OpenFracas now supports up to 8 players
* New troop count drawing algorithm
o Better placement of troop counts
o Scales troop counts to fit within smaller country
* Options to restart a game or reuse the current map
* Streamlined User Interface
* Map Editor improvements
* More player colours to choose from
* Help documentation, revised from Fracas help, now available

Perhaps most significantly of all: Since the last release, OpenFracas has undergone major changes in its internal organization and structure. This means that OpenFracas is in a better position to begin adding more advanced and complex features in future releases.

A new developer, Eric, has joined the OpenFracas team since the last release, and has produced the new troop count drawing algorithm.

OpenFracas 0.5 is available on the downloads page; please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or bugs on our forums.

Ubuntu users who have added our repository to their package manager will find the new version automatically available as an update.

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