Warsow opens donation campaign!

That’s right! After years and years of bravely not having any money involved, Warsow has a public paypal account now! And we are actually raising money now…

What for, you might ask? Seeing as Warsow is a game which shines in competition, on LANs and online, we have decided to give Warsow a little help in this regard. We need a big, nice competition, but we are no LAN organizers… Thankfully, the nice people over at crossfire are, and with their easybash (CDC 3 and 4 have passed with Warsow competitions) they offer a nice platform to promote our game. Sadly, last CDC was less than perfect, with fewer participants than expected, resulting in lower prizemoney and lower interest in general. Now of course, life isn’t all about money, nor is Warsow, or a good quality competition… But money opens doors, and generates interest, does it not?

Read more and make donation at Warsow website

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