Wormux 0.8

We’re pleased to announce the release of Wormux 0.8 🙂 first stable release with network support. We hope you will enjoy this new Wormux.

Changelog since last stable release:

* Network game (port 3826 is registred by IANA for Wormux)
* A lot of bug fixes (memory leaks, useless code deleted …)
* 15 new maps
* New weapons: Flamethrower, Football bomb, Cluzooka
* Minimap preview
* Camera improvements
* Better use of anti-aliasing
* Water/lava particles added
* Various graphical improvements
* Sound cache: no more lag on explosion
* More sounds and musics
* Better characters: Better positions, characters’ eyes follow cursor,…
* Weapons tweaking
* Smaller step in angle selection when pressing Shift
* Menus compatible with smallest resolutions
* Help section added (menu explaining shortkeys and howtoplay.pdf documentation provided)
* Language selection
* “Looking for updates” option
* Volume control option
* Joystick support
* Improve collision detection, cursor,…
* User dir as XDG recommandation (Freedesktop)
* Initial management of command line options
* Experimental random map generator and skin viewer
* AI improvements (still stupid so still hidden feature)
Read more at Wormux website

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