Warsow 0.42 released!

After 4 weeks of hard work, it’s time to release Warsow 0.42. This latest release contains various bug fixes, changes and new features. The list includes fixes for the challenge queue and some performance improvements for WarsowTV. New features include the ability for WarsowTV to playback demos. The release is focused on code improvements so there is no new media for 0.42, but be sure to check the blog and idle #warsow on Quakenet to be able to participate in public beta tests.

The release comes in the form of a complete installer (for Windows and Mac) and a full or update package (for Windows and Linux). If you previously used the installer for 0.4 or 0.41, the 0.42 version will automatically recognise your configuration and take care of the update. If you are using the update package, please ensure that you have 0.41 installed first. To install the update, just extract the package over your Warsow 0.41 installation.

Read more at Warsow website

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