Nexuiz New Website

Thanks to -z- the Nexuiz project now has a new website, along with a new media page and video showing off the next release.
Scheduled to be released in the next few weeks, Nexuiz 2.4 will include an entirely new menu system, new content such as three new weapons models and two maps, and new effects for explosions and water/slime reflections. The release’s memory usage has been reduced, and numerous optimizations and new features have been added. You can view a complete list of changes on our development wiki here.

There have also been many Nexuiz fan websites opened since the last release:
NexuizNinjaz – A fan site dedicated to teaching the ways of Nexuiz Ninjaz, with tutorial videos and forum – Complete list of Nexuiz related links.
OUNS – Unofficial Nexuiz wiki for players. – A complete German fan site.

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