Warzone 2100 2.1 Beta 1 released

Hello everyone!

Finally, after many, many months, we have started a new release cycle. Namely the 2.1 series, which kicks off today with a first beta; Warzone 2100 version 2.1-beta1.

This version introduces a multitude of new features, of which these are the most prominent ones:

  • Internationalisation/Translation support by means of gettext
  • Multi-turret support for droids (i.e. tanks and cyborgs) and structures
  • Video options menu; allows selecting of (among others) the screen resolution and windowed/fullscreen mode
  • A new mini-map mode: the heightmap (use CTRL+TAB to cycle through mini-map modes)
  • Stock AI greatly improved
  • Additional AI provided: Aivolution
  • 64-bit compatibility! Warzone now runs on systems with 64 bit processors, kernels and libraries as well!

Now I probably forgot about 60% of all newly introduced features, so for more details see the change log. Please note though that we’ve been working for over a year on what now has become 2.1-beta1. So even the change log shows only a relatively small portion of all changes. The best way to truely discover all changes is by playing the game!

Additionally there are many parts of the game that have been completely or partially rewritten. So old bugs may have been made completely irrelevant and new ones most certainly have been introduced. So new bug reports are most certainly very welcome, even if it are bugs that where present in 2.0.x already. Any suggestions are welcome as well of course.

Known issues
These are some generally known issues. This list will be expanded once we think of more.

  • The multiplayer code has become a _lot_ more stable than it was, but running out of sync still happens. Though it now happens less often and the sync differences are smaller.
  • The game in general still crashes a lot in debug builds (due to failed assertions).
  • Text is not always drawn correctly on Mac OSX systems.

Please note that currently there is only a Windows executables available yet. The rest will be provided ASAP.

The source code and all available binaries can be found at the download page.

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