Wesnoth 1.3.16 aka 1.4-beta3: Development Release

Wesnoth 1.3.16 is out. This is hopefully the last beta release before we start to get out release candidates. It includes some balancing changes and many bug fixes. To learn about the changes in this release, have a look at this forum thread. As with the last development releases, we continue to offer two versions of changelogs: a rather nice to read players changelog that only includes changes every player will probably notice and the (rather) complete changelog with (almost) all the details, which is likely to cause a serious headache…
At the moment none of the major binaries are ready. Once they are done you can find them at the download page. Please keep in mind that it is a development release which might include quite a few bugs. If you find one, please report it.
Update: The Windows and OpenSolaris binaries are now available at the download page.

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